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7Tweak is a Windows optimizer that can restore your system’s performance
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7Tweak is a Windows optimizer. It can restore your system’s initial performance by removing errors and unneeded data that slow it down or even cause instability. What is more, it allows tweaking your system by setting options that are normally hidden in Windows. Thus, by either enabling or disabling some Windows options, you can increase performance and get access to useful features.

The program has a tabbed interface, but, in my opinion, it can be confusing to many users because too many functions are crowded in a limited space. Besides, it does not favor inexperienced users because, unlike similar applications, it does not provide a “one-click” way to optimize your system.

The application can successfully deal with Registry issues, including obsolete and empty keys. It can also clean your disk by removing temporary files, stored cookies, dump files and recent files lists. Besides, you can use it to defragment your disks and significantly increase the speed of access to the data stored on them. Moreover, the program can provide important information related to your disks’ health status, including reliability, temperature and performance. Furthermore, it can help you reduce boot time by eliminating unneeded programs from the startup list.

All in all, the above mentioned functions are just a few of those available from 7Tweak. For example, the tool can also help you manage running processes or create a virtual drive out of a standard folder. Moreover, you can make changes to your system safely because it allows creating restore points.

Pedro Castro
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  • It includes multiple functions
  • It allows creating a virtual drive


  • It can be somewhat difficult to use for inexperienced users
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